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In addition to advising on Long Service Advance of Pay, our lawyers are specialists in a number of other aspects of the law as it affects the UK military. For more information about our team’s military expertise and experience, and how our lawyers can help serving the members of the military, why not visit one of the following other websites we run or give us a ring on 01722 422300;


This site deals with a full range of the different types of work our lawyers provide for serving military personnel, including;

    • Courts Martial
    • Military Injury Claims
    • Military Wills [in particular the site explains how even caccording to the Ministry of Defence themselves, “those deploying are strongly advised to draw up a will with a solicitor prior to deployment”. Short, even the MOD advice is that a basic MOD 106 Will is unlikely to write enough protection both for those serving in the UK military and their families]’s
    • Military Divorces [including an article packed with practical tips on how to keep your legal costs down when going through any military related divorce]
    • and of course LSAP


The rate of divorce in the UK military sadly continues to remain high. We have come increasingly specialist in those aspects of divorce which is different for the military than for civilians – including the intricacies of military pensions and commuted lump sum payments, military housing and boarding school allowances.


The second of our sites dealing with divorce in the military


The third of our sites dealing with the problems of divorce in the Armed Forces.